The Bookwyrms Podcast


Holidays & Festivals (Ft. DeathByMage)

We're back with a slightly belated special for the new year where we sit down with Jacky, a.k.a. DeathByMage, to talk about festivals and celebrations in our games. Additionally, we partake in a yearly tradition of DBM's, and bring you four variations on a common holiday figure, fresh off his recent flurry of activity.


Horror Special, Featuring DeathByMage (Part 3)

Making Your Home Games Horrifying

Part three of a three-part discussion about Horror, Terror, and Dread--and how to bring it all home to your table.


Horror Special, Featuring DeathByMage (Part 2)

Scary Games to Play in the Dark

Part two of a three-part discussion about Horror, Terror, and Dread--and how to bring it all home to your table.


Horror Special, Featuring DeathByMage (Part 1)

From Terror to Horror

The Bookwyrms, DeathByMage, and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Halloween Special.

A three-part discussion about bringing some Halloween spirit to your game table.


Episode 2: Travel & Exploration

Special Note:

We are so sorry this episode came out so late. Technical difficulties compounded with a busy week of recording, and then a week which saw one Bookwyrm leave for a month abroad and the other busy tending to his child while his wife recovered from surgery. Yikes.

That being said...

In this (much delayed) episode, the Bookwyrms turn a famous bit of classic literature into a magical tattoo, then discuss Travel and Exploration, filling the gaps around the existing 5e travel mechanics (most of which are great!) to create a more holistic experience. At the close, Mike breaks out a new character for everyone--a paladin with a very unusual take on their oaths.

In this episode we talk about:

The Workshop Item: Wilde’s Enchantment of Consequence Denial


Episode 1: Investigations & Mysteries

Hey there listeners! Welcome to episode 1. We're talking about Investigations and Mysteries, cool irish swords, and swashbucklers.

Workshop: Fragarach, the Answerer

Main Topic: Investigations & Mysteries

Character Corner: Cornelius Nightbloom





Coming Soon

Hey there everyone, Giuseppe & Mike here.

We’re launching The Bookwyrms Podcast in early May, but we wanted to drop a short preview to both get our feed up and running, and to let you listeners know what you’re in for.

We're two long-time Game Masters, taking turns running D&D 5th edition. It’s a blast, but no game is perfect. So every time we start up a game, we end up reaching into other systems to put together the exact experience we're looking for.

This podcast is about helping you do the same thing. Each episode, we’ll do the legwork and talk about how different systems do their thing.

We've got a veritable hoard of different RPGs between us to draw from, and each episode we'll be looking to grant you inspiration from some of the best minds in gaming.

We don’t just stop at mechanics though. We’ll talk about different genres, and how you can fit them into your game.  And if you've been looking for some new magic items to shake up your plot or reward your players, you can join us as explore treasure troves from a wide variety of media.

We’ll also give you characters you can use on either side of the table. Sometimes it’ll tie into the topic of the week, and sometimes it’ll tie into a cool book we read.

Here’s a brief list of things that can be immediately improved with a bi-weekly dose of Bookwyrms:

  • Chases
  • Time Travel
  • Investigations
  • Political Intrigue
  • Gambling
  • City Management
  • Heists
  • Illegal Pit-fighting
  • Gardening
  • Wizard Poker
  • Pottery
  • And so much more!

You can subscribe to us wherever you’d normally get your podcasts from.

So pull up a chair, grab that notebook, and get ready to take your game off the rails. We’re the Bookwyrms, and we’ll be seeing you soon.